What we do

Everything we do is based on Smarter Engagement

Quite simply, that means we help you to build meaningful, long lasting and productive relationships with your customers. Our rich experience combined with informed thinking and latest technologies leads to practical and innovative strategies that help you connect with your customers in this highly competitive world.

Our insight

With our experience of growing millions of customer relationships it gives us an inherent insight into how best to develop, launch and manage engagement programmes.

Power has shifted and is now firmly in the hands of customers. They have an unprecedented array of channels and tools available to them, which allows them to make or break business success.

So, businesses need to work harder and go further, not only to engage but to make sure customers feel more connected, stay longer and spend more. We talk to your customers. We make sure we understand what matters to them: what their concerns are, what they feel would improve their lives.

We use all this insight when we design our programmes so you can be confident they are relevant and that your customers will want to keep coming back. Insight is the backbone of our business and informs all that we do.

Our propositions

Our work is about making your customers’ everyday lives better in many different ways.

We begin by listening to them carefully in order to identify their future needs. This allows us to build product propositions that help them in the most relevant ways possible.

Whether it’s online security, peace of mind when travelling, improvements for the home or rewards for simply using a bank account, our offerings turn customer satisfaction into brand advocacy.

Which then leads to a longer term, deeper relationship. In short, Smarter Engagement.

Our marketing

Our extensive experience has equipped us with the necessary tools and know-how to best engage customers in our programmes.

We will work collaboratively with you to develop the most intuitive and engaging customer experiences from on-boarding through repurchase and renewal.

Our strategies all rely on a mix of data and insights. We are constantly testing and learning. By asking for and listening to feedback, we pinpoint customers’ motivations and can develop plans that will hit the mark.

We are continuously enriching our understanding of customer behaviour, usage and sentiment, allowing us to create the most personalised and contextualised communications.

We target intelligently, taking care to start the relationship in a way that is relevant and based on trust. We then continually enhance contact strategies with every interaction to build the types of connections that move the metrics.

We recognise that great marketing is a smart way to build real engagement.

Our customer experience

Whatever channels your customers use to access our offerings – website, mobile app, phone, social media, email, SMS – our aim is to make interacting effortless. We use our insights, capturing satisfaction and effort scores across all channels and touchpoints to ensure we meet their needs in the best ways possible.

We flexibly fit in with their lives, and put them firmly in control of their interactions. Journeys are intuitive.  And experiences, whilst always professional, also deliver a very human touch.

Success for us is customers happily using our products and feeling they are engaged with a business that saves them time, money and hassle. That is Smarter Engagement in action.

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